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    • Invitation for Automechanika Shanghai 2019

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    • Invitation for MLA Expo 2019

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    • OBDSTAR at ALOA 2019

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      The ALOA Convention & Security Expo is dedicated members of the locksmith security industry, is to ensure professional excellence and ethics create a public demand for professional locksmith services represent and speak for the locksmith security industry and expand the exchange of trade information and knowledge with other related organizations to preserve and enhance the industry.

      The security expo was held on 16 - 17, August at South Point Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. Despite the rough journey to Las Vegas and schedule changed, OBDSTAR staff finally got to the show. 


      During the 2-day expo, OBDSTAR, booth 1117 attracted countless locksmith around the world who are interested to the professional products and new technology, also took the product catalogue and business card at the same time. With full preparation, OBDSTAR made a clear demonstration of all products via dashboards and BSI in IMMO, cluster calibrate, diagnosis, oil/service reset and testing tools, among which the new product Key Master 5 and updated Key Master DP Plus were extremely popular among professional locksmith and auto mechanics.



      To speak of the new product, Key Master 5 known as an immobilizer, is specialized in Programming keys, programming remote, Pincode reading, read key number, erase keys, EEPROM chip read and OBDII diagnosis. For car coverage, it has all models in Key Master DP Plus, except some luxurious cars such as Lamborghini/Maserati/Ferrari/Bentley/Alfa Romeo/Abarth . Also, customers will enjoy the 1-year free update and software in it will keep upgrading. Key Master 5 is scheduled to launch at the end of this month, it’s time to contact us and place an order now!  



      At the same time, OBDSTAR Key Master DP Plus was still competitive with new updated software which includes: GM/Fiat/Maserati/Renault/Mazda/Opel/Ford/Lincoln/Chrysler/Suzuki/Landrover; Please visit for details.

      More information and the latest upgrade details and operation video, please visit official website or follow OBDSTAR Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Linkedin: Obdstar Tec. 



    • Invitation for ALOA 2019

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    • OBDSTAR at AUTOMEC 2019

      2019-04-29   Views:7000

      Automec, held every two years in Sao Paulo is an international auto parts, equipment and services trade fair. It is recognized throughout the world as the main meeting point for relationships among the largest distributors, car parts retailers, automotive workshops and national and international suppliers in the industry. Also it is a place for the spare parts industry and one of the leading fairs of its kind in Latin America which gets ready for the shortest route to a more profitable, competitive and innovative business performance.  

      Many exhibitors from the industry will be showcasing innovations and solutions in the areas of spare parts, tuning, rebuilding, maintenance, IT and management. It is an ideal platform to introduce new products and services, to watch the latest trends in the market, to test the most modern equipment, services and solutions and to make business contacts with potential customers.


      During the five-day exhibition,visitors came to OBDSTAR booth: L53 in constant stream to have an intimate experience of high-tech auto maintenance and repair devices. With detail product catalogue, professional product demonstration and attractive introduction in IMMO, cluster calibration, diagnosis, oil service reset and testing tools, all the vistors were fully understand the functional features of OBDSTAR products and service and recognized the overall business opportunities in the future.



      Despite the numerous demonstrated products, the multi-functional auto tool-Key Master DP Plus was extremely popular among the professional locksmith and auto mechanics. Also OBDSTAR this time released the latest competitive software in Key Master DP Plus which includes the IMMO update of Chrysler 300C & RAM & Grand Cherokee/Citroen Berlingo/MASERATI Rfhub/Renault Trafic & Master & Logan & Twingo; the cluster calibration of Maserati Ghibli-95160 & Levante-95320 & Quartoporte-95160/Chrysler Ram-700 & Pacifica & Commander & Compass; the oil service rest of Porsche Panamera & Cayenne; More upgrade not mentioned here, please visit



      Professional products and service win the trust and the company strength creates brilliant future. More information and the latest upgrade details, please visit official website or follow OBDSTAR Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Linkedin: Obdstar Tec. 

    • OBDSTAR at Automechanika Istanbul 2019

      2019-04-09   Views:6901

      Automechanika Istanbul, held every year at TUYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center is one of the best exhibitions in Istanbul which brings together all relevant professionals from the automotive manufacturing, distribution and repair sectors in the region and it provides opportunities for small and middle enterprises to step up in the market.

      Automechanika Istanbul 2019 took place from 04 to 07 April, attracting more than 1 600 exhibitors and over 50 000 visitors from at least 15 countries all over the world with wide range of exhibits, including vehicle parts and components of the drive, chassis, body, electrics, electronics, modules of the interior, exterior, drive, drive dynamics and electronic control groups, vehicle accessories, special equipment, tuning, performance systems, design refinement, repair & maintenance, equipment for vehicle service and repair, bodywork repair and painting, garage construction and management, service station equipment, car care and car wash.



      During the four-day exhibition, OBDSTAR, at Hall 11 B240, was crowded with countless visitors, also the product catalogue and business card were in short supply. On the booth, OBDSTAR staff made a perfect presentation for the company's overall history and all products information in detail via the full range of product operation and professional services in IMMO, cluster calibration, diagnosis, oil service reset and testing tools. 



      The powerful software always counts the most for professional locksmith and auto mechanics. This time, OBDSTAR demonstrated the latest upgrade in Key Master DP and Key Master DP Plus which includes the IMMO update of Zotye/Roewe/MG/Opel/Fiat/GM/Geely/SMA/Englon/Land Rover/Changan/Maserati; the cluster calibration of Jaguar/Land Rover/VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA/Ford/GM/Bentley/Maserati; the oil service reset of Opel/Mazda/Peugeot/Citroen/Volvo/

      Hyundai/KIA/GM/Buick/Chevrolet; to be continued and more details on



      OBDSTAR is always worth your expectation. More information and the latest upgrade details, please visit official website or follow OBDSTAR Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Linkedin: Obdstar Tec. 

    • Invitation for AUTOMEC 2019

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    • Invitation for Automechanika Istanbul 2019

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    • OBDSTAR at ACMA Automechanika New Delhi 2019

      2019-02-19   Views:6655

      ACMA Automechanika New Delhi which takes place from14th – 17th February 2019 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi is India’s leading international trade fair for the automotive aftermarket service industry, targeting trade visitors from the Indian subcontinent. As the world’s biggest trade fair for the automotive aftermarket, ACMA Automechanika New Delhi spotlights innovations and solutions in the fields of parts, systems, tuning, workshop equipment, bodywork & paintwork, car wash, IT & management and the latest automobile services. The 2019 edition is all set to have countless exhibits from international and national brands, special country pavilions, knowledge sharing seminars, product launches and business oriented conversations with top industry players.


      As the first show in the year 2019, it brought a total fresh beginning with both opportunity and challenge for OBDSTAR. To start in a new way, OBDSTAR made it a joint exhibition with Indian dealer which gained super-high popularity and contributed a lot to the promotion in Indian market. During the four-day exhibition, Hall 11 C115A experienced the large stream of visitors asking for product catalogue, business card and learning detail function. With the full range of products and professional services in IMMO, cluster calibration, diagnosis, oil/service reset and testing tools, OBDSTAR introduced the company and product information in detail which attracted many professional locksmiths and auto mechanics came one after another. 



      The trust and support of new and old customers was always the honor of OBDSTAR.

      Numerous professional exhibitors came to booth for the new generation tablet Key Master DP Plus which is the most comprehensive device with frequent update so far.  In addition, the newly upgraded series of software has added much competitiveness to Key Master DP Plus, including IMMO function of GM, BMW, FORD, SMART, Chrysler, Mazda, Renualt and VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEAT; cluster calibration function of GM, FORD, SMART, Chrysler and VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEAT; ECU programming function of BMW; more to be continued.

      In the new year, OBDSTAR will continually adhere to the mission of making vehicle maintenance easier, and commit to becoming the world's leading supplier of automotive electronics and equipment. More information and latest upgrade details, please visit official website or follow OBDSTAR Facebook/Twitter/Youtube: Obdstar Tec. 




    • OBDSTAR 2019 New Year Party

      2019-01-22   Views:7318

      Time is somthing valuable but easy to go. Year 2018 has passed quietly with the unstoppable pace of 2019, which generates new change, new hope and new life. To draw an perfect end to 2018 and welcome the new beginning, OBDSTAR held the 2019 New Year Party on 19.Jan, 2019 with all members gathered together, seeing the harvest and growth of 2018.


      Despite the cold weather, the spirit of the dedication of OBDSTAR people could not be stopped. The colleagues responsible for the preparations came to make final check in order to present the most perfect stage effect. After the long time waiting, everyone came to the party with great expectation and enthusiasm.

      About 7pm, the host announced the party was on and extended greetings to everyone.  First of all, Mr. Wang, the general manager, gave a speech for the party, in which he analyzed current economy and the company development direction and put forward new requirements and new goals for 2019. Then, Mr. Wang proposed a toast with all memebers to express the best wishes for the new year.



      As the saying goes, there is surely a reward for those paying. At the party, OBDSTAR people who have performed well in the past year and made outstanding contributions have made a selection. Mr. Wang and departmental executives presented awards to colleagues who earned the Outstanding Employee Award, Best Flashman Award, Best Innovation Award, Best Instructor Award, Best Team Award, and Year of Struggler. The heavy awards were the affirmation to the winners and the encouragement of all the members present. In 2019, OBDSTAR will generate more hard working members to achieve new success and create a brighter future.




      Various talent shows from OBDSTAR members were also overwhelming at the party, including dance, singing and short play. Our lovely members brought different forms and exquisite performances to show the versatile side of OBDSTAR people. From the dynamic dance of passion to the affectionate love songs, then went to the humorous short play. With the fantastic performance and food, all the people talking, laughing and join together in the toast, wishing a better year 2019.




      The New Year Party without a lottery is definitely a fake one. For OBDSTAR, it is naturally indispensable. The lottery which indicates all the luck in the coming year was the highlight of this annual party. At the very begining, everyone signed in with Wechat QR code from which the 5 awards were extracted and the sweepstakes were interspersed in the performances. With the fifth, fourth, third, second and first prizes, the atmosphere of the party was pushed to the wave of climax. Everyone present was given a beautiful gift.




      The happy time always feels short. The annual New Year Party came to the ending in a great cheer. In the face of the new 2019, we are full of enthusiasm, passion and ready to conquer more potential market. And there are more spectacular careers waiting for us to shed our wisdom and talents. Let us work together with confidence and courage to write a brighter future!


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