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OBDSTAR came back from Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 in Germany with success

DateTime: 9/22/2016 12:00:00 AM | Author: OBDSTAR | Source: Internet | View: 100

In September 13,2016, Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 was solemnly opened in Germany. The exhibition is held once every two years, lasting for five days, from 09/13/2016 to 09/17/2016.Here,OBDSTAR Technology Co., Ltd gained its public show on foreign stage  since the Dubai exhibition in May.

Automechanika Frankfurt in Germany has been founded since 1971. Up to now, it has a long history of 44 years, which is the biggest and the most famous exhibition that shows the international auto parts, technological equipment and relevant industries. After the development of almost 40 years, it can be found in more than 10 cities throughout the world, making it be the synonym of the international meeting in automobile filed. The scale of the current Automechanika Frankfurt was even bigger than before, with the area of 300000 square meters. In addition, it has attracted a number of local suppliers, purchasers, and manufacturers from all over the world with its long history and huge influence. Every Automechanika Frankfurt gains its attention from thousands of international enterprises.

In this exhibition, OBDSTAR brought customers the best experience of devices owing to the full preparation in advance. During the period, OBDSTAR showed customers the products such as Key Master DP, Key Master, X300M,X-100 PRO and X-200 PRO.

As the achievement of auto and electronic diagnostic technology and advanced maintenance equipment, OBDSTAR appealed to professionals in the auto market to visit the booth. Depending on the top specifications, fascinating appearance with modern & ergonomics design and perfect quality of high-definition color display, the devices of OBDSTAR stood out from many other similar products, making customers feel amazed.

Our devices realize the perfect fusion of auto industries and electronic information technology in both performance configuration and user experience, which makes auto diagnostic and computer programming more convenient, practical and economical. The devices possess structure design and the function of anti-seismic and anti-cracking. They are strong and durable enough to be operated normally under any condition, whatever it is in high-temperature or tough environment. More importantly, our devices adopt high-speed chip of ARM and are equipped with the advantages of being fast, stable and anti-interference.

OBDSTAR has drawn the attention of many distributors in the Automechanika Frankfurt due to the high-quality and unique-designed products. A variety of distributors strove to be our agents after having a better understanding of the appearance and performance of our products.

Customers were very fond of our devices and thought highly of them. The products shown in the exhibition were popular with customers and they all mentioned that they would like to bring our devices back home and have a test.

Thanks to the brand and resource advantages accumulated in many years, OBDSTAR gained the opportunity to cooperate with customers from all over the world and had a further discussion about the specific details of cooperation with many distributors.

It was very lively in the exhibition hall and a continuous stream of visitors came to the exhibition. What’s more, many professionals came to know our products after experiencing the exciting atmosphere. There were many visitors in the exhibition hall and staff was busy with hosting the visitors.

The CEO together with the overseas sales director of OBDSTAR had a professional introduction about the devices and  performance to many distributors. Moreover, the new arrival- Key Master DP realizes the three-proof design of (water-proof, shock-proof and crash-proof) and it has included all the function of common pad. In addition, its diagnostic and immobilizer function plays an important role in the market besides the coverage of other devices and special functions. Moreover, it has a good reputation in both quality and appearance design, becoming a new generation of product with auto research innovation that has broken away from the concept of “made in China”.

In the exhibition, we introduced the performance and operation method of our devices to the distributors and professionals and discussed the development prospects of auto market in the new generation while sharing the innovation concept with exhibitors.

OBDSTAR has played a more stable role in the international market through the exhibition. Furthermore, we are stepping forward the world with the development policy of professionalization, standardization and internationalization. In the future development, OBDSTAR will stick to the principles of “being a leading manufacturer of auto inspection equipment in the world” and make every effort to be the well-known brand in the world, leading the industries of auto inspection equipment move forward.