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How time flies! Year 2017 has passed and 2018 already come. New year brings new hope for the future. To welcome the new beginning, OBDSTAR held the 2018 New Year Party with all the staff on 28.Jan, 2018. During the long time preparation, everyone was expecting this party with great enthusiasm.


About 5pm, two comperes announced the party was on and extended greetings to everyone. At that moment, everything was in the warm atmosphere. First of all, Mr. Wang, OBDSTAR CEO, was invited to give a speech for the party, in which he analyzed current economy and the company development direction. Then, Mr. Wang sang a song “Today” to express the best wishes to all the people.


Then, it came to the prize presentation. No pains, no gains. During the past year 2017, OBDSTAR staff worked hard to do contribution for company and make difference for themselves. All the effort deserves praise and honor. In the year 2018, hope everyone seize the new opportunity to achieve new success. What’s more, OBDSTAR prepared amazing prize for those lucky guys, meaning the great expectation for the coming 2018. 




It’s time for delicious dishes and free entertainment. For this new year party, we prepared songs, dance and special sketches. With the fantastic performance and food, all the people talking, laughing and join together in the toast, wishing a better year 2018. What a relaxing moment! 




The new year is a time of new beginnings and new hopes for the future. Hope everyone find more prosperous and more content with each passing day in 2018. This fantastic celebration of the good spirits and friendship can last not only a year, but a life time. OBDSTAR, stay outstanding, will always here for you!

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