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This is the 12th edition of the international trade show for automotive aftersales and services for mobility that is scheduled to hold on the 26th February - 1st March 2018 at Exhibition Center Safex. Concorde Pavilion Algiers, Algeria, and is organized by Promosalons.

The aim of the event is to bring together professionals from different automotive sectors such as auto body work, professional auto repair and maintenance, networks and aftersales services, auto equipment and washing services to share ideas and innovations. 


2018, it’s a new beginning. OBDSTAR made the first show trip to Algeria. After a long flight, OBDSTAR arrived the exhibition center, well arranged the booth and made preparation for the show on 26. February.

During the following 3 days show (27.Feb.-01.Mar.), OBDSTAR made a full demonstration of products with dashboards in IMMO, cluster calibrate, diagnosis, oil/service reset and special function, among which Key Master and Key Master DP are still very popular.




In addition, OBDSTAR released plenty of new and improved products on the show, as following:



auto key programmer, specially designed to program auto key for latest Mazda and Ford vehicles, covers a wide range of vehicles, most of which can be supported up to year 2016, 2017 and even some models are available up to year 2018.



specialized in immobilizer and cluster calibrate for PSA. With advanced software, it realized BSI model auto identity, ALL KEY LOST PIN CODE reading, EEPROM reading and writing, and Flash reading. For hardware, it adopts updated main board, making operation easy, fast and better customer experience, which can be widely applied to after market, auto repair shops, auto technicians, individuals.






the first released device in China especially for VW and it supports the latest MQB vehicles. Equipped with RFID ADAPTER, it can do key programming for the VW vehicles within generation 3.5 and provides users with good solution to VW generation 4 and 5. Combining immobilizer and cluster calibrate, it can be widely applied to after market, auto repair shops, auto technicians, individuals.



developed to test 12V regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, gel batteries and 12V & 24V starting and charging system. Being easy, quick and accurate is always what BT06 brings you. Widely applied to automobile factory, garage, auto battery manufacturer, auto battery agent, educational institution, DIY enthusiasts, etc.



Equip Auto Algeria 2018 witnessed the new achievement of OBDSTAR in product development and customer increase, laying the foundation for African market exploitation. OBDSTAR will spare no effort to keep moving to its target in the future. More information, please visit official website: or follow Official Facebook: Obdstar Tec.


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