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INAPA 2018 took place from March 22-24, 2018 at Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran, Jakarta-Indonesia. As the influential automotive show in Indonesia, INAPA 2018 hold together with Bus and Truck 2018, Tyre Indonesia 2018, INABIKE 2018, INAFASTENER 2018, LUBE INDONESIA 2018 and Auto Garage Indonesia 2018.

The show features a full spectrum of product and service for spare part, accessories, bus, truck, bike, fastener, tyre, oil, lubricant and garage equipment platform that show complete convergence of technologies and products through value chain.


During the following 3 days show, OBDSTAR made a full demonstration of products with dashboards in IMMO, cluster calibrate, oil/service reset and testing tools, among which Key Master and Key Master DP are always well received.



In addition, OBDSTAR released plenty of new and improved products on the show, as following:



Immobilizer and Cluster Calibrate for KIA/Hyundai

H105 updated the IMMO function for 46 chip ordinary key, 46/47/8A chip smart key and realized the instant pincode reading via OBD for all series models with no token needed.



1.Instant pincode reading with no token needed

2.Support auto key programming and cluster calibrate via OBD

3.Adopt updated hardware and appearance design

4.Update via TF card at any time



Newly released from OBDSTAR, BMT08 is specialized in battery test and battery matching.

Adopts the conductivity test technology, it can quickly detect the battery condition and the malfunction in vehicle start-up system and alternator charging system, which can be widely applied to after market, auto repair shops, auto technicians, individuals.




1.Fast and stable  

2.easy operation  

3.HD display screen  

4.portable & anti-skid design upgrade supported

6.Wide vehicle and battery coverage



Wish: To be the world top supplier of automotive electronics

Mission: To further simplify the automobile maintenance & repair

Core Value: Stay Outstanding   Satisfy every OBDSTAR customer

OBDSTAR will spare no effort to keep moving to its target in the future. More information, please visit official website: or follow Official Facebook: Obdstar Tec.

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