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The World's 3rd Great Automotive Industry Fair, Automechanika Istanbul 2018, is the 12th International "Automechanika Istanbul" Fair, covering all parts for spare parts, maintenance-repair, accessories, lubricants, batteries, tire-rims sectors and wheel industries.

During the 4 days show, a spectacular success has achieved by signing 45 979 industry professionals from 120 countries, including Turkey, brought together in Istanbul with 1352 participants from 38 countries, which largely surpassed the number of 2017. 


Followed the Equip Auto Algeria and INAPA Indonesia, OBDSTAR started its first step to Turkey by taking part in the Automechanika Istanbul 2018, which turned out to be an absolutely right choice and a great success.From 05 to 08.April, OBDSTAR gained extremely high popularity on the show everyday. None of the product catalogs left and visitors even need to line up to get into the booth. It’s really busy time for OBDSTAR staff there.


OBDSTAR made a full demonstration of products with dashboards in IMMO, cluster calibrate, diagnosis, oil/service reset and testing tools, among which Key Master and Key Master DP, with KIA/Hyundai, Volvo, GM IMMO upgraded software were always well received by professional locksmith.



Besides, the newly released BMT-08 Car Battery Analyzer, specialized in battery test and battery matching was also found its fans. Adopts the conductivity test technology, it can quickly detect the battery condition and the malfunction in vehicle start-up system and alternator charging system, which can be widely applied to after market, auto repair shops, auto technicians, individuals.


OBDSTAR never stops its step in product development and market exploration, during which the customer is always comes the first. Hope we can enjoy all the achievement together in the future. More information, please visit official website: or follow Official Facebook: Obdstar Tec. 


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