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As the largest international automotive aftermarket trade show in the Middle East, Automechanika Dubai serves some of largest automotive markets such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. The show also acts as the central trading link for markets that are difficult to reach connecting the wider Middle East, Africa, Asia and key CIS countries.

Now in its 16th edition, the exhibition offered trade professionals the chance to meet face-to-face 1,955 key exhibitors across the three day show held from 1-3 May 2018. The trade show is a good platform to find out more about the latest products and services, find new suppliers, source products and compare product alternatives. 


From 1-3 May, OBDSTAR gained large quantity of visitors and none of the product catalogue and business card were left. During the following 3 days show, OBDSTAR made a full demonstration of products with dashboards and BSI in IMMO, cluster calibrate, oil/service reset and testing tools, among which Key Master and Key Master DP with updated software were well received as usual. Besides, X100 PRO and X300M were also found their fans among professional locksmith. 



What’s more, the testing tools, such as TP50 and BMT-08 were also gained much attention. 

TP50 Intelligent Detection on Tire Pressure

With HD color display screen and durable design, it mainly focus on Tire Pressure Activation(315MHz and 433MHz tire pressure sensor), Tire Pressure Data Reset and Tire Pressure System Diagnosis for most Asian, European, American and Chinese vehicles, which can acquire instant tire pressure data and is absolutely a helpful product in tire pressure maintenance. 

BMT-08 Car Battery Analyzer 

Specialized in battery test and battery matching. Adopts the conductivity test technology, it can quickly detect the battery condition and the malfunction in vehicle start-up system and alternator charging system, which can be widely applied to after market, auto repair shops, auto technicians, individuals. 



1. Fast and stable  2. Easy operation  3.HD display screen  4. Portable & anti-skid design  5.Software upgrade supported  6. Wide vehicle and battery coverage  



OBDSTAR is always worthy expectation and will never let you down. It’s definitely the right choice to go forward together with OBDSTAR. More information, please visit official website: or follow Official Facebook and Twitter: Obdstar Tec. 

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