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ELF is the Federation of European national locksmith associations. It was founded in 1984 by Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the U.K. Today there are 18 national associations representing 1600 companies, 10,500 locksmiths and 17 supporting manufacturers/distributors. The office is located in Helsinki. Each year, ELF hosts an annual convention in different member countries with an exhibition, education classes and social events, as well as two board meetings.

The purpose of ELF is to unite the locksmiths of Europe, promote the locksmith profession in Europe, represent the locksmiths with manufacturers, co-operate with government bodies for legislation, communicate with other security organizations, provide educational opportunities for locksmiths, gather and distribute information to members.


From 25-27 May, OBDSTAR had so many visitors that none of the product catalogue and business card were left. During the following 3 days show, OBDSTAR also made a full demonstration of products with dashboards and BSI in IMMO, cluster calibrate, oil/service reset and testing tools, among which Key Master DP with updated software was well received as usual among professional locksmith. 



Key Master DP, the first tablet of OBDSTAR, combines Android system and high level IMMO, cluster calibrate, diagnosis, oil/service reset functions. Besides, it is featured by wide vehicle coverage, superior quality, maintenance database, remote assistant and one key update which keeps its popularity among customers since release. This time, Key Master DP came with the new software, such as IMMO update for Renault and Buick, cluster calibrate for FORD and Volvo, diagnosis for Porsche and oil/service reset functions which easily attracted the attention of professional locksmith in Europe. 



Product, customer and service count most to us.

OBDSTAR is always walking ahead with great effort and unswerving belief!

More information, please visit official website: or follow Official Facebook and Twitter: Obdstar Tec. 

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