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New Adding:

1. Diagnosis for Suzuki system:

engine, transmission, anti-lock braking system, airbag, OCM, body control module, air conditioning, power steering system, four-wheel drive, start interlock, keyless start, tire pressure monitoring system, Instrument and air conditioning amplifier, speed conversion controller, dual fuel engine oil, the engine automatically stops and starts, the headlamp automatically leveling.


2. Issued the French language for all the IMMO models software


3. First added the ALFA cluster calibrate function support in following models:

147 93C86/ 147 NEC/159 VDO/ Brera 93C86 VDO.


4. Added Ssangyong 9 new models in Diagnosis:




1. Optimize Buick Regal all keys lost.

2. Optimize Honda IMMO system: Type 1 (67/68) increase key and key programming process.

3. Adding Great Wall H2S smart key system: add smart key, smart key (all keys lost) programming, programming function after the smart key removed

4. Optimize GM -2012 Excelle key programming.

5. Optimize Kia remote control key programming.

6. Optimize Citroen DS6 IMMO system, smart key system and password input box.

7. Optimize Hyundai remote control key programming.

8. Adding Great Wall H6 smart key system: all keys lost programming function support.

9. Optimize Geely Huapu (Shanghai Industrial) IMMO system and key programming


Cluster Calibrate:

1. Optimize the Audi A4 RB4 cluster calibrate function.

2. Adding Audi A4 RB4 dash board data recovery function.



Adding the function: read the version information, read the fault code, clear the fault code, read the data stream to the Fiat testable models: 131 TOFAS, 500, BRAVO VAN, BARCHETTA etc, 60 models.


Special Function:

Battery Detection Added:

The test of start-up system and charging system: when detecting the start-up and speed up, you can exit to the initial voltage display interface via the ESC key.

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