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1. Updated the car logo and increased the data ID

2. Optimized T3 smart key system key programming

3. Optimized T5 smart key system key programming and procedure

4. Optimized M3 smart key system key programming and procedure


Increased Help data index


Increased CS85 smart key system


1. Increased the model index ID

2. Optimized Cadillac XTS communication time


1. Optimized data index 

2. Updated the car logo

3. Optimized 93C86(ENCRY) type 3

4. Optimized 1K79X(48) and 3K91D(48) type pre-coding function


1. Increased the Maserati multi-language help data

2. Increased 2016- Maserati smart key programming and Pincode reading (FCA connector needed)


1. Increased 2018- Symbol key programming

2. Increased Fluence blade key programming  

3. Increased 2016- Clio IV key programming (Add key)

4. Increased 2015- Capture key programming(Add key)

5. Optimized Master key programming

6. Optimized 2017 Symbol key programming

7. Optimized 2015 Fluence blade key programming

8. Increased 2016 Clio 4 new type (new Flash version)

9.Increased 2011 Latitude new type key programming (automatic recognition)


1. Increased index ID

2. Increased DEMIO 2017- smart key system

3. Increased Mazda 2 2017- smart key system

4. Optimized 2018 models smart key programming procedure


Optimized the smart key system menu

Land Rover

Optimized 2014- smart key system programming


Increased Kicks smart key system


1. Optimized G01 smart key system

2. Optimized X7 smart key programming


1. Increased data ID

2. Increased Sunray IMMO system

3. Increased Sunray Delphi IMMO system

4. Increased Sunray DIAS IMMO system


1. Increased the Help index ID

2. Optimized Elantra 2008-2011 IMMO system


1. Optimized the menu

2. Increased the Help index ID

3. Optimized 2013- smart key system


Optimized S70 BCM


Increased the ‘Help’ index ID


1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased CS15 EV electric BCM

3. Optimized CS85 smart key system

4. Increased Aoshan EV remote system

5. Increased Xingka EV remote system

6. Increased CS75 PHEV smart key system

7. Increased Ruixing S50T remote system

8. Increased A600 BCM and smart key system

9. Increased CS35PLUS integrated BCM and Delphi BCM

10. Increased Eado PHEV BCM and smart key system

11. Increased Aoshan X70A BCM and smart key system

12. Increased Niou II smart key system and remote system

13. Increased Cosmos smart key system and remote system

14. Increased Eado DT integrated BCM and smart key system

15. Increased RAETON CC integrated BCM (remote) and Delphi BCM (smart key)


1. Increased VAUXHALL MORANO 2014- smart key system

2. Increased Astra-G Y17DT/Y17DIT Pincode reading from ECM system

3. Increased Corsa-C Z10XEP/Z13DTJ Pincode reading from ECM system

4. Increased Corsa-D Z10XEP/Z12XEP/Z14XEP/Z16LER Pincode reading from ECM system

5. Increased Zafira-B Z16XE1/Z16XEP/Z20LEH/Z20LER Pincode reading from ECM system

6. Increased Astra-H Z12XEP/Z14XEP/Z14XEL/Z16XEP/Z17DTH/Z17DTL Pincode reading from ECM system                                                               



Increased the ‘Help’ index ID


Optimized 720 remote system


1. Increased Escort 2017-2018 All Blade Keys Lost

2. Increased New Mondeo 2017- All Smart Keys Lost

3. Increased Everest 2017- All Blade Keys Lost 

4. Increased Everest 2017- All Smart Keys Lost 

5. Increased Transit 2018- All Blade Keys Lost

6. Increased Edge 2017- All Smart Keys Lost

7. Increased Explorer 2017- All Smart Keys Lost

8. Increased Mustang 2017- All Smart Keys Lost

9. Increased Fusion 2018- All Smart Keys Lost

10. Increased GALAXY 2015- All Smart Keys Lost 

11. Increased RANGER 2019- All Smart Keys Lost

12. Increased FIGO/FIGO ASPIRE 2017- All Blade 

Keys Lost  

13. Increased F-150 2017- All Smart Keys Lost  

14. Increased F-250 2017- All Smart Keys Lost 

15. Increased F-350 2017- All Smart Keys Lost 


1. Continental 2017- All Smart Keys Lost

2. NAUTILUS 2018- All Smart Keys Lost

3. NAVIGATER 2018- All Smart Keys Lost

4. MKC 2017-/MKZ 2017-/MKX 2017- All Smart Keys Lost


1. Optimized the menu

2. Increased all models data ID

3. Optimized 2014-CHEROKEE key programming


Updated the index ID


1. Updated the car logo

2. Optimized Yusheng 350/330smart key system


1. Increased Korando diesel 2.0T/2.2T key programming

2. Increased New Korando gasoline/diesel key programming

3. Increased Actyon diesel 2.0T/2.2T key programming

4. Increased Stavic Rodus diesel 2.0T/2.2T key programming

5. Increased Rodius diesel and gasoline key programming

6. Increased Rodius diesel 2.0T/2.2T key programming

7. Increased Rexton diesel 2.0T/2.2T key programming

8. Increased Tivolan gasoline and diesel key programming

9. Increased remote programming type 2

10. Increased data ID


1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased S5 youth edition Xiamen TTE BCM (CAN)


1. Optimized T700 key adding function

2. Optimized SR7 remote programming procedure


1. Updated the car logo

2. Optimized ROOT menu

3. Optimized T70/T90 smart key system


Updated the car logo


1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased the smart mode

Cluster Calibration


1. Increased data index ID and updated the car logo

2. Optimized KIA K5 D70F3423 cluster calibration  


Increased model index ID


1. Optimized the menu

2. Increased the ‘Help’ index ID

3. Optimized 508 cluster calibration


1. Increased index ID

2. Optimized cluster calibration function

3. Increased GHIBLI-95320 cluster calibration


1. Increased the model index ID 

2. Increased Charger 2019 cluster calibration 

3. Increased Cherokee 2019 cluster calibration


Optimized XJ-2016 cluster calibration


1. Increased 2007- cluster calibration

2. Increased 2011- cluster calibration

3. Increased 2014- cluster calibration 

4. Increased data index ID


1. Increased model data index ID

2. Twingo III cluster calibration

3. Trafic IV 2013- Block ABS/Unlock DASH cluster calibration

4. Captur 2017- Block ABS/2017- Unlock DASH cluster calibration

5. Captur 2013- Block ABS/2013- Unlock DASH cluster calibration

6. Clio IV 2017- Block ABS/2017- Unlock DASH cluster calibration

7. Clio IV 2013- Block ABS/2013- Unlock DASH cluster calibration

8. Trafic IV 2017- Block ABS/2017- Unlock DASH cluster calibration


Optimized ICM_MB91F06XBS type communication


1. Increased ASX 70F35XX cluster calibration

2. Increased L200 2017-(MONO) cluster calibration

3. Increased ASX MB91F223+93C86 cluster calibration

4. Increased OUTLANDER III 70F3425 COLOR cluster calibration

5. Increased OUTLANDER III 70F3425 MONO cluster calibration

6. Increased OUTLANDER MB91F223+93C86 cluster calibration

7. Increased OUTLANDER SPORT 70F35XX cluster calibration

8. Increased model index ID

Great Wall

Optimized Hover H6 security verification procedure


1. Increased the model index ID

2. Optimized Escape 2013 cluster calibration

3. Optimized Focus 2007 models cluster calibration


Revised BSI_N0X cluster calibration prompt


Optimized 2005 Caddy and 2006 Sagitar cluster calibration



1. Increased the ‘Help’ data index ID

2. Increased Kicks 2016- Block ABS cluster calibration

3. Increased Kicks 2017- Block ABS cluster calibration

4. Increased Kicks 2017- Unlock DASH cluster calibration

5. Increased Kicks 2016- Unlock DASH cluster calibration

6. Updated the icon


1. Increased the model index ID

2. Optimized Panamera and Cayenne 2010- cluster calibration procedure


1. Updated the icon

2. Optimized Camry 2018 cluster calibration procedure


1. Increased index ID

2. Updated the car logo


1. Updated the car logo

2. Optimized 2012- A6L EEPROM reading

ECU Clone


1. Increased the model index ID

2. Increased 2017- GM ECU clone algorithm

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