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1. Increased AGILA IMMO system, remote system

2. Increased ANTARA type 2,3,4 IMMO system

3. Increased ANTARA type 1,2 remote system

4. Increased ASTRA G remote system

5. Increased ASTRA H IMMO system

6. Increased ASTRA K smart key system

7. Increased CORSA-C IMMO system, remote system

8. Increased CORSA-E smart key system

9. Increased MERIVA-A remote system

10. Increased MOKKA smart key system

11. Increased OMEGA B 1999- IMMO system, remote system

12. Increased TIGRA B 2000- IMMO system, remote system

13. Increased VECTRA B IMMO system, remote system

14. Increased VECTRA C IMMO system

15. Increased ZAFIRA-A remote system

16. Optimized ASTRA G IMMO system

17. Optimized ASTRA J IMMO system

18. Optimized ASTRA K IMMO system

19. Optimized COMBO IMMO system, remote system

20. Optimized CORSA-D IMMO system

21. Optimized CORSA-E IMMO system

22. Optimized INSIGNIA IMMO system, remote system

23. Optimized MERIVA-A、MERIVA-B IMMO system

24. Optimized MOKKA IMMO system

25. Optimized ZAFIRA-A IMMO system

26. Optimized Vectra C key programming

27. Optimized INSIGNIA communication interface

28. Optimized CORSA-D key programming and key erasefunction  

29. Optimized IMMO function menu

30. Updated car logo


1. Optimized Tiggo 8 smart key system

2. Increased 5X(T19) smart key system

3. Increased the Italian language


Increased the Italian language


1. Increased CX-4 2018- smart key programming (type4)

2. Increased Mazda 2 2018- smart key programming (type4)

3. Increased New CX-7 2017-2018 smart key programming

4. Increased New CX-7 2018- smart key programming

5. Increased New CX-9 2017-2018 smart key programming

6. Increased New CX-9 2018- smart key programming

7. Increased data index ID and the Italian language

8. Optimized Mazda 3 type 2 key adding function


1. Incrased the Italian language

2. Optimized S5 Youth Edition Xiamen TungThih BCM


1. Optimized BR450 2004- key programming  

2. Optimized SMART 450 -2003 and 2004- algorithm


1. Increased data index

2. Increased Italian language

3. Increased Ruixing S50T smart key system

4. Optimized CS35PLUS Delphi BCM BUG4869


1. Increased Italian language

2. Optimized the ‘Help’ data index

3. Optimized CELERIO(ID47) key programming

4. Optimized 2016 Suzuki vitara key programming

5. Optimized CELERIO(ID46) key programming and key numbers reading procedure

6. Optimized JIMNY 2018- type 2 smart key system key numbers reading procedure                                                                         



Increased H0X AKL Pincode reading verification 


1. Optimized X40 smart key system

2. Increased X40 BCM and smart key system programming


1. Increased data index

2. Increased the Italian language

3. Increased and optimized Luxgen 3 IMMO system type 2


1. Optimized R9 smart key system

2. Increased R7 smart key system and IMMO system programming


1. Increased Xingyue smart key system

2. Increased Jihe A smart key system

3. Increased Boyue PRO smart key system

4. Increased GL(14T 2nd generation) smart key system

5. Increased GS(15TD/14T 2nd generation) smart key system

6. Increased Jiaji BCM

7. Increased New EV450 BCM

8. Increased Boyue smart key system

9. Increased RS smart key system

10. Increased New Vision BCM

11. Increased Boyue 2020 smart key system

12. Increased Vision S1 IMMO system and DIAS smart key system

13. Increased Vision X1 BCM

14. Increased Vision X3 BCM, smart key system and NAEN smart key system

15. Increased Vision X6 BCM and smart key system

16. Increased EC7 2014- Pincode reading

17. Increased RS 2014- Pincode reading

18. Increased SC6 2014- Pincode reading

19. Increased New Vision smart key system

20. Optimized Vision X3 BCM


1. Increased the Italian language

2. Optimized MG GS -2016 smart key system

3. Optimized -2012 Roewe 550 IMMO system key adding procrdure

4. Optimized Roewe RX5 (without smart) key programming procedure

5. Optimized Roewe RX5 IMMO system (with smart) key programming procedure

6. Optimized Roewe I6 IMMO system (with smart) type 1 and type 2


1. Increased the Italian language

2. Optimized Gratour IX remote system

3. Increased Auman heavy truck IMMO system

4. Increased Auman heavy truck remote system

5. Optimized Auman remote programming

6. Increased data index ID


1. Increased the Italian language

2. Optimized Rexton petrol and diesel key programming procedure

3. Optimized remote programming type 1 programming procedure

4. Optimized remote programming type 1


1. Increased the Italian Language

2. Optimized Xiaoyao and Guowei smart key system

3. Optimized X8 Delphi IMMO system key programming


1. Increased the Italian language

2. Optimized Hyosow S6 smart key system programming system

3. Optimized Senova D50 IMMO system programming procedure

4. Optimized Weiwang M50F and New Energy EU5 smart key system programming procedure  


1. Optimized X7 smart key system

2. Increased the Italian language


1. Increased the Italian language

2. Optimized T600/T700 smart key system


Optimized 500L cluster calibration


1. Optimized Excelle 2013- remote system  

2. Optimized Pincode reading from BCM

3. Optimized Buick Enclave 2008-2013 remote system


1. Increased the Italian

2. Optimized G10 smart key system key adding


1. Optimized 2008- KANGOO

2. Revised VEL SATIS car name


1. Increased the Italian language

2. Optimized Refine S2 remote system  

Great Wall

Optimized Florid and M4 SIIC Transportation IMMO system

Cluster Calibration


1. Increased QX60 2014- Cluster Calibration

2. Increased JX35 2013- Cluster Calibration


1. Increased ACTYON D70F342X cluster calibration  

2. Increased ACTYON D70F352X cluster calibration

3. Increased ACTYON 2011- cluster calibration

4. Increased KORANDO 2011- cluster calibration

5. Increased REXTON 2018 VDO R7F701412 cluster calibration

6. Increased TIVOLI D70F353X cluster calibration

7. Increased data index ID


1. Updated the car logo

2. Increased Italian language


1. Increased vehicle coverage list

2. Optimized Cadillac STS Debug


1. Increased CEED 2011- NEC cluster calibration

2. Increased CEED 2014- D700F35XX cluster calibration

3. Increased CEED 2015- NEC+24C16 cluster calibration

4. Increased CEED 2015 D70F3XXX cluster calibration

5. Increased CEED D70F3421 cluster calibration

6. Increased MAGNETIS 2011- NEC cluster calibration

7. Increased MAGNETIS 2014- D700F35XX cluster calibration 

8. Increased MAGNETIS 2015- NEC+24C16 cluster calibration

9. Increased MAGENTIS D70F3421 cluster calibration

10. Increased MAGENTIS D70F353X cluster calibration

11. Increased OPTIMA 2011- NEC cluster calibration

12. Increased OPTIMA 2014- D700F35XX cluster calibration

13. Increased OPTIMA 2015- NEC+24C16 cluster calibration

14. Increased OPTIMA D70F3421 cluster calibration

15. Increased OPTIMA D70F352X cluster calibration

16. Increased RIO 2011- NEC cluster calibration

17. Increased RIO 2014- D700F35XX cluster calibration

18. Increased RIO D70F3421 ACCENT cluster calibration

19. Increased SORENTO IC VDO D70F3421 cluster calibration

20. Increased SORENTO IC VDO D70F3423 cluster calibration

21. Increased SORENTO IC VDO D70F353X cluster calibration

22. Increased SORENTO 2011- NEC cluster calibration

23. Increased SORENTO 2014- D700F35XX cluster calibration

24. Increased SORENTO 2015- NEC+24C16 cluster calibration

25. Increased SOUL 2011- NEC cluster calibration

26. Increased SOUL 2014- D700F35XX cluster calibration

27. Increased SPORTAGE 2011- NEC cluster calibration

28. Increased SPORTAGE 2014- D700F35XX cluster calibration

29. Increased SPORTAGE 2015- NEC+24C16 cluster calibration

30. Increased Stinger 2017 cluster calibration

31. Increased STONIC 2017- cluster calibration


1. Increased ACCENT cluster calibration

2. Increased AVANTE 2011- cluster calibration

3. Increased AZERA D70F35XXcluster calibration

4. Increased AZERA R7F70140X cluster calibration

5. Increased CRETA cluster calibration

6. Increased ELANTRA 2011- cluster calibration

7. Increased GENESIS D70F3421 cluster calibration

8. Increased GENESIS D70F3536 cluster calibration 

9. Increased HB20 D70F3421 cluster calibration

10. Increased I20 D70F3536 cluster calibration

11. Increased I25 cluster calibration 

12. Increased IX20 D70F3421 cluster calibration 

13. Increased IX20 D70F3536 cluster calibration

14. Increased KONA S&T MOTIV cluster calibration

15. Increased Kona 2018- cluster calibration

16. Increased SOLARIS D70F342X cluster calibration

17. Increased SOLARIS D70F353X cluster calibration

18. Increased SONATA D70F3526 cluster calibration

19. Increased TUCSON VDO D70F3536 cluster calibration

20. Increased VELOSTER D70F3421 cluster calibration

21. Increased VELOSTER D70F3525 cluster calibration

22. Increased VERACRUZ D70F3421 cluster calibration

23. Increased vehicle coverage list

24. Optimized Hyundai IX35 2018cluster calibration

25. Optimized the menu


Optimized teh menu


1. Increased DELTA 2008- cluster calibration

2. Increased MUSA 2008- cluster calibration

3. Increased LANCIA Y 93C66 VDC cluster calibration

4. Increased THEMA Cluster Calibration


1. Increased Ducato 2006- cluster calibration

2. Optimized FREEMONT 2012 cluster calibration


1. Optimized FOUCS 2019 cluster calibration

2. Increased S-MAX monochrome screen dashboard 2011-2013 cluster calibration

3. Increased New Mondeo double color dashboard 2015- cluster calibration

4. Increased Everest small color dashboard (SPC5606 2016-) cluster calibration                                                                               


Optimized part of B200 models cluster calibration


Optimized 458 SPECIAL 2014- cluster calibration


1. Increased Range Rover 2004- cluster calibration

2. Increased Discovery Sport 2018- cluster calibration

APK Software

Increased the Italian language                                                                                                                                                                              

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